Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Regulating Emotions

Culture, Social Necessity, and Biological Inheritance


Edited by M. Vandekerckhove, C. von Scheve, S. Ismer, S. Jung and S. Kronast

Malden: Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2008, 351 pages, ISBN 978-1-4051-5863-3

Emanating from the ZiF: Workshop of December 16 - 18, 2004.


  • Part I Emotion and Regulation: Between Culture and Biology
  • A. Kappas: Psssst! Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are Actually the Same Person! A Tale of Regulation and Emotion
  • I.B. Mauss, S.A. Bunge, J.J. Gross: Culture and Automatic Emotion Regulation
  • C. Hofer, N. Eisenberg: Emotion-Related Regulation: Biological and Cultural Bases

  • Part II Culture and Social Interaction: Markers in the Development of Emotion Regulation
  • G. Trommsdorff, F. Rothbaum: Development of Emotion Regulation in Cultural Context
  • P.R. Shaver, M. Mikulincer, D.S. Chun: Adult Attachment Theory, Emotion Regulation, and Prosocial Behavior
  • M. von Salisch: Themes in the Development of Emotion Regulation in Childhood and Adolescence and a Transactional Model
  • Part III What Is and What Is Expected: Psychopathology and Emotion Regulation
  • P.M. Cole, T.A. Dennis, S. E. Martin, A.E. Hall: Emotion Regulation and the Early Development of Psychopathology
  • P. Philippot, A. Neumann, N. Vrielynck: Emotion Information Processing and Affect Regulation: Specificity Matters!
  • M. Peper, R. Vauth: Socio-Emotional Processing Competences: Assessment and Clinical Application
  • L. Greenberg, M. Vandekerckhove: Emotional Experience, Expression, and Regulation in the Psychotherapeutic Processes
  • Part IV Setting the Stage: Culture and Society as Emotionally Regulated and Regulating Arenas
  • U. Wikan: Passions as Cognitive and Moral Mistakes: The Case of Honor Killings in Europe
  • P. Poder: The Political Regulation of Anger in Organizations
  • C. Bloch: Moods and Emotional Cultures: A Study of Flow and Stress in Everyday Life

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