Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Modeling Communication with Robots and Virtual Humans


Edited by I. Wachsmuth and G. Knoblich

Berlin: Springer Verlag 2008, 335 pages, ISBN 978-3-540-79036-5

Emanating from the ZiF: Workshop of April 5 - 8, 2006.


  • M. Rehm, E. Andre: From Annotated Multimodal Corpora to Simulated Human-Like Behaviors
  • S. Kopp, J. Allwood, K. Grammer, E. Ahlsen, T. Stocksmeier: Modeling Embodied Feedback with Virtual Humans
  • T. Sowa: The Recognition and Comprehension of Hand Gestures - A Review and Research Agenda
  • M. Stone, I. Oh: Modeling Facial Expression of Uncertainty in Conversational Animation
  • M. Schilling, H. Cruse: The Evolution of Cognition - From First Order to Second Order Embodiment
  • Y. Matsusaka: History and Current Researches on Building a Human Interface for Humanoid Robots

  • M. Loetzsch, R. van Trijp, L. Steels: Typological and Computational Investigations of Spatial Perspective
  • K. R. Thorisson: Modeling Multimodal Communication as a Complex System
  • B. Becker: Con-tact - On theProblem of the Absence of Eye Contact and Physical Contact in Virtual Interaction
  • J. Gratch: True Emotion vs. Social Intentions in Nonverbal Communication: Towards a Synthesis for Embodied Conversational Agents
  • I. Poggi, R. Niewiadomski, C. Pelachaud: Facial Deception in Humans and ECAs
  • N. C. Krämer: Theory of Mind as a Theoretical Prerequisite to Model Communication with Virtual Humans
  • D. Heylen: Listening Heads
  • Y. Sandamirskaya, G. Schöner: Dynamic Field Theory and Embodied Communication
  • I. Wachsmuth: 'I, Max' - Communicating with an Artificial Agent
  • D. Traum: Talking to Virtual Humans: Dialogue Models and Methodologies for Embodied Conversational Agents
  • H. Jaeger, D. Eck: Can't Get You Out of My Head: A Connectionist Model of Cyclic Rehearsal

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