Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Embodied Communication in Humans and Machines


Edited by I. Wachsmuth, M. Lenzen and G. Knoblich

Oxford: Oxford University Press 2008, 491 pages, ISBN 978-0-19-923175-1

Emanating from the ZiF:Research Group 2005/2006.


  • I. Wachsmuth, M. Lenzen, G. Knoblich: Introduction to embodied communication: why communication needs the body
  • J. Barresi: Some boundary conditions on embodied agents sharing a common world
  • J. Scott Jordan: Toward a theory of embodied communication: self-sustaining wild systems as embodied meaning
  • D.C. Richardson, R. Dale, K. Shockley: Synchrony and swing in conversation: coordination, temporal dynamics, and communication

  • M. Shiffrar: The visual perception of dynamic body language
  • W. Prinz: Mirrors for embodied communication
  • N. Sebanz, G. Knoblich: The role of the mirror system in embodied communication
  • E. Oberzaucher, K. Grammer: Everything is movement: on the nature of embodied communication
  • A. Stephan, M. Lenzen, J. Call, M. Uhl: Communication and cooperation in living beings and artificial agents
  • J. Streek: Laborious intersubjectivity: attentional struggle and embodied communication in an auto-shop
  • B. Galantucci, L. Steels: The emergence of embodied communication in artificial agents and humans
  • J. Allwood: Dimensions of embodied communication - towards a typology of embodied communication
  • E. Ahlsén: Dimensions of embodied communication - towards a typology of embodied communication
  • S. Duncan: Gestural imagery and cohesion in normal and impaired discourse
  • J. Proust: Conversational metacognition
  • S. Kopp, I. Wachsmuth, J. Bonaiuto, M. Arbib: Imitation in embodied communication - from monkey mirror neurons to artificial humans
  • I. Poggi, C. Pelachaud: Persuasion and the expressivity of gestures in humans and machines
  • T. Sowa, S. Kopp, S. Duncan, D. McNeill, I. Wachsmuth: Implementing a non-modular theory of language production in an embodied conversational agent
  • J. Bonaiuto, K.R. Thórisson: Towards a neurocognitive model of turn taking in multimodal dialog

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