Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Social Analysis

The International Journal of Cultural and Social Practice


Edited by Nina Glick Schiller and Thomas Faist

New York u.a.: Berghahn Journals 2009, 162 pages, ISSN 1558-5727

Emanating from the Cooperation Group Transnationalisation and Development


Special Section

  • N. Glick Schiller, T. Faist: Migration, Development, and Transnationalization: A Critical Stance
  • N. Glick Schiller, T. Faist: Introduction: Migration, Development, and Social Transformation
  • N. Glick Schiller: A Global Perspective an Migration and Development
  • T. Faist: Transnationalization and Development: Toward an Alternative Agenda
  • R. Isotalo: Politicizing the Transnational: On Implications for Migrants, Refugees, and Scholarship
  • R. Delgado Wise, H. Márquez Covarrubias: Understanding the Relationship between Migration and Development: Toward a New Theoretical Approach
  • B. Khadria: Adversary Analysis and the Quest for Global Development: Optimizing the Dynamic Conflict of Interest in Transnational Migration

General Articles
  • B. Enge Bertelsen: Multiple Sovereignties and Summary Justice in Mozambique: A Critique of Some Legal Anthropological Terms
  • M. Melhuus: Conflicting Notions of Continuity and Belonging: Assisted Reproduction, Law, and Practices in Norway

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