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ZiF's Telephone and Email Directory as PDF-file (ca. 30 kB)
ZiF Team in the university's directory of staff and departments


Foto Dr Britta Padberg
Executive Secretary
Foto Dr des. Romain Faure
Academic Assistant to the Board of Directors
Foto Gaby Heißenberg
Directorate's Secretary

Academic Staff

Foto Dipl.-Psych. Jonas Rees, MSc
Assistant to the Research Group Genetic and Social Causes of Life Chances (2015/2016)
Foto Dr Eberhard Ortland
Assistant to the Research Group The Ethics of Copying (2015/2016)
Foto Oliver Claas
Assistant to the Research Group Robust Finance: Strategic Power, Knightian Uncertainty, and the Foundations of Economic Policy Advice (2015)
Foto Dr Manuela Lenzen
Academic Assistance in ZiF-Projects


Foto Daniela Brinkmann
Head of Administration, Budget, General Issues
Foto Claudia Albertsmeier
Budget Matters, Travel Reimbursements
Foto Joanna Kulbrock
Apartment Management, Procurement

Conference Office

Foto Marina Hoffmann
Foto Trixi Valentin

Research Secretaries

Foto Karin Matzke
Research Support, ZiF Art
Foto Mo Tschache
Publications, Research Support

Public Relations/Translations

Foto Dipl.-Soz. Mary Kastner, MA
Public Relations, Office of the ZiF-Mitteilungen
Foto Marion Kämper
Translations, Public Relations

IT Administration

Foto Dipl.-Chem. Thomas Balls-Thies


Foto Reinhilt Dolkemeier

Internal Catering and Cleaning Services

Foto Eike-Elisabeth Beckmann, stl. gepr. Oekotroph.
Head of Internal Catering and Cleaning Services
Foto Ursula Benning-Niermann
Deputy Head of Internal Catering and Cleaning Services
Foto Claudia Schumacher (on leave till April 2015)
Deputy Head of Internal Catering and Cleaning Services
Foto Stefanie Blome (on leave till June 2015)
Foto Monika Brinkmann
Foto Ursula Menski
Foto Fauzia Shalizi
Foto Susanne Winzer

Technical Services

Foto Hans-Jürgen Brinkmann
Caretaker, Conference Equipment
Foto Andreas Hellwig-Sellin
Driver, Copying Services, Phone, Office Supplies

Student Assistants

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