The Starting Position

University outside viewMore than in any other university in Germany, the successful development of Bielefeld University is closely connected with the architecture and unique structural features of its main university building, developed in 1969. The building, characterised by its high concentration of many functions in a compact space, short walking distances and its central university hall, is integral to the identity of Bielefeld University.

Approximately 40 years since its construction, however, the building can no longer meet all of the demands of a modern university infrastructure as conditions of study, teaching, research, administration and service have changed. This applies primarily to areas for communication, technology, room layout, visibility of facilities and services.

The modernisation will take the form of a core refurbishment, i.e. partial demolition to the shell construction, over six construction areas. As the areas undergoing construction have to be completely vacated, the task of managing the available space and the move will be one of the main challenges for the coming years.

The complete modernisation and necessary measures accompanying it (Building X, new building for Experimental Physics, development of Campus Bielefeld) involve an investment of over 1 billion Euros.

Main University Building