The Tasks Ahead

Aerial picture University main buildingAs the success and the identity of Bielefeld University are strongly connected to its architecture, from 1969, the University intends to preserve the philosophy and structure of the building during the process of modernisation. The modernised main university building (UHG) has to meet the new demands of a modern university infrastructure in a sustainable way for the future. Modernisation, then, doesn't mean a "totally new concept for the UHG", rather a "further development of what has already proved its worth with the addition of necessary changes."

Central tasks for the planners:

•    To further develop the structure of the building with the principle of interconnection,       integration and concentration.
•    To redesign the entryway to the University, so that there is an inviting entrance.
•    To extend the main UHG integrating the Service Centre.
•    To keep the central university hall space as a connecting and communicative forum.

Planning procedure:

The Bau-und Liegenschaftsbetrieb NRW conducted a German Tendering and Contract Procedure (VOB) for the modernisation of the main university building of Bielefeld University following an initial competition. The VOB is a local authority code of freelance contractual work and contains details of rules on contracting delivery firms, services and building work. In contrast to an architectural competition, the focus of the VOB procedure is on an integrated approach taking into consideration architectural, functional and financial aspects.