Building X

The building X not only allows for modernisation of the main university building (UHG) to proceed, it also forms a link to the new Campus North with the CITEC building and the University of Applied Sciences.

The following institutes share an area of around 27.000m² of floor space: the Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology, the Faculty of Sociology including their departmental libraries, the Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology (BGHS), the new social scientific Collaborative Research Centre (SFB 882 - From Heterogeneities to Inequalities) and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Women's and Gender Studies (IFF) as well as the central canteen (Mensa) of the Studierendenwerk (Association for Student Affairs) with an open-air terrace and cafeteria for Bielefeld University and the University of Applied Sciences.

A traffic-calmed boulevard runs between the main university building and its structural counterpart, the building X. The entrance forum forms the "communicative heart" of the building, which subdivides into a two-story base with public areas (canteen, library and lecture theatres) and the faculties, which are arranged into four multi-storey rings.

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University canteen, cafeteria and cafe bar - gastronomy in building X

central canteen filled with studentsHere the old and new campus merge: the central university canteen run by Bielefeld student welfare services pools the gastronomic provision for the University and University of Applied Sciences.

The 3,600m² canteen (seating around 1,900 diners) can provide up to 7,500 meals per day. The university canteen not only sets new standards spatially, it also offers its diners the opportunity to choose their meals from separate components.
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At various counters and points of sale there are individual food components (meat and meatless components, potatoes, pasta, rice, vegetables and desserts) to choose from. The quality of food on offer will also be differentiated: Organic products complement the selection available, as well as speciality foods prepared and cooked "live" (e.g. wok or grill) in front of guests' eyes.

During times when there are fewer diners, there will still be a large selection of food on offer: The counter is doubled in its mirror image so that at times with less diners, one half can be closed without reducing the variety of food on offer. The dining area can be reduced with the help of two partitions to provide the appropriate amount of space, depending on numbers of diners.

Beyond the hours of the university canteen, the new Cafeteria, with its own kitchen, offers warm snacks in addition to the standard menu in building X.
There is also a new cafe bar "Ins Grüne" situated on the first floor. Sustainability is the driving theme behind this cafe, in a concept developed especially for Studentenwerk (Association for Student Affairs). Fairtrade products are at the heart of this special approach. Apart from coffee specialities, tea, hot chocolate, soft drinks and smoothies are available here.

A 120m² room for special occassions - e.g. small buffets - rounds off the offer of the Studentenwerk (Association of Student Affairs) in building X.

central canteen (Mensa) The closure of the university canteen and cafeteria in the main university building (UHG) will be compensated by the parallel new opening of the university canteen, cafeteria and café bar in building X. A new, roomier UHG cafeteria will be built in the first phase of construction. During construction the needs of the UHG will be met with temporary infrastructure.


Library - New home for more than 600,000 books

students studying at the library More than half a million books, periodicals and series were transferred along with the faculties and research departments into building X. As before, literature remains close at hand for students and researchers.

The specialist libraries for history, philosophy, theology, sociology, art, geography and women's studies have been brought together in building x.
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A glass walled foyer grants the visitor a view of the library before entry. The library, like all of building X, is equipped with WLAN. At the entrance, the first point of call for the library user is the main information and lending desk. Work stations for users are to be found along the exterior facade.

The library space is divided by atriums where the discussion rooms (with modern presentation technology) are situated. Around 350 work stations for concentrated study are supplemented by group work spaces in discussion rooms as well as PC work stations and a small lounge area.

As in the main university building, the library in building X is an open access library. It has new technology for book security and to improve service quality. Library users are able to borrow or return books using self-service terminals.

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