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Mobility grants for research trips abroad

The Graduate School awards grants for research trips abroad. BGHS doctoral researchers can apply for a mobility grant for a few months to help finance research at a foreign university or at a research institute outside the university system to further their doctoral project and build lasting contacts to international researchers.


Mobility grants are awarded for periods from three to six months. Shorter trips are not possible.


During their stay, doctoral researchers receive a stipend of EUR 1,200 per month. In addition the BGHS pays a foreign allowance, which is approximately based on the German Research Foundation (DFG) rules.
Doctoral position holders of the BGHS will receive during their stay abroad in addition to their salary an international per diem which is approximately based on the recommended rates. Upon application, travel costs can also be covered by the BGHS.

Application deadlines

The deadlines for 2018 are as follows:
- 15 January 2018 for planned stays as from 1 April 2018
- 31 May 2018 for planned stays as from 1 August 2018

Application documents

The following documents must be submitted to the BGHS office upon application:

  • Covering letter of 400 to 800 words (highlighting in particular opportunities for networking at the foreign institution as opposed to a research/archive trip alone)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Statement by your primary supervisor
  • Invitation from a researcher at the foreign university or research institute
  • Detailed work schedule and time frame for the duration of the trip (in concurrence with the person extending the invitation)
  • Confirmation by the host institute that a work station and computer will be available for the duration of your stay
  • Cost calculation (travel costs, accommodation expenses, registration fee if applicable, health insurance, e.g.)

The complete set of application documents may be submitted to the BGHS office The BGHS Executive Board will approve mobility grants based on budget availability.

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