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Shortcuts was a programme to promote young female german-speaking researchers. The programme was initiated in the 2010 Summer Term and ran till the 2017 Winter Term. There were two components to Shortcuts: Workshops that aid preparations for doctoral study and scholarships for young women researchers.

Information on former participants can be found here.

Workshops on preparing for doctoral study

The Shortcuts programme's language is German. It consists of workshops on fundamental questions about doctoral study and academic careers. Workshops focus on both clarifying dissertation topics and writing a proposal as well as on possible fellowships and other financial support during the doctoral phase. Experienced trainers, teachers, and BGHS personnel help participants to find a topic and clarify their motivation and support them in writing a proposal and applying for doctoral positions, fellowships and admission to a doctoral programme. A further element of the programme is regular exchange with other (future) doctoral researchers. Participants also have the opportunity to ask their own questions related to the topic of doctoral studies.

Shortcuts scholarships

Shortcuts scholarships give participants four months of financial independence to work on a doctoral thesis proposal so that they may apply for doctoral positions, fellowships, or admission to a doctoral programme. The fellowship consists of a monthly stipend of EUR 1,200 and runs from 1 October 2015 to 31 January 2016. This amount will be supplemented by a child allowance if applicable.

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