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in History and Sociology
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Research Expenses

Until the end of 2018, the BGHS supports its doctoral researchers during their studies up to a total of EUR 2,500 for research trips and for transcripts and reproductions. It is attempting to secure funding for the period after 2018

Research Trips (Field Research Trips and Archive Visits)

Expenses incurred for travelling and accommodation (without food or per-diem allowances) are supported by the BGHS until the end of 2018. Costs for visas, foreign health insurance etc. cannot be claimed. For applications arising from costs of accompanying children on field trips or longer archive visits, please contact the BGHS office in advance. The BGHS is attempting to secure funding for the period after 2018.


As a rule, the application for reimbursement has to be lodged with BGHS office four weeks before the start of such journey. Please make sure to use the appropriate form for the application. Please submit the original travel receipts and the signed claims form for travel expenses promptly to the BGHS office. .

Transcriptions and Reproductions

Until the end of 2018, transcription and reproduction costs incurred for research projects can also be reimbursed. The BGHS is attempting to secure funding for the period after 2018.


Please send your application for reimbursement of transcription and reproduction costs four weeks before using such services, by email to, giving the following details:

  • Volume of the transcription and/or reproduction required
  • Name of the service provider
  • Anticipated costs

Once the BGHS has authorized such expenses and the services have been provided, please send us the following supporting documentation:

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