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Financial Support

BGHS members receive support for their research projects. They may be reimbursed for travelling expenses related to conference attendance and research trips as well as for editorial work on their scholarly texts.
In addition, BGHS members can also apply for mobility grants for periods of up to six months abroad and for career bridging scholarships. For more information on application formalities and the scholarship programmes, please go to Advertisements.

Information on Funding

The funding amounts are guide values only and relate to the entire period of doctoral studies at the BGHS. The BGHS endeavours to respond to the specific needs of the BGHS members, taking into account its budgetary situation at the time. At the same time, however, the Graduate School reserves its right to reject applications for budgetary reasons or in cases of noncompliance with the reporting obligations (see Supervision Agreement). In cases where financial support is granted, the reimbursement of expenses is effected by the central administration of the University Bielefeld and will take a minimum of four to six weeks.

The BGHS supports trips to conferences and archives, field research trips as well as workshops, language courses and costs of transcriptions and reproductions but only within the six to eight semesters of the standard length of doctoral studies. With part-time doctoral students, the period of support extends to up to ten semesters.
Editorial support and career bridging scholarships may, however, also be requested after the standard period of studies. In substantiated cases and subject to its budgetary situation, the BGHS supports its doctoral students also beyond the standard period of doctoral studies.

Support for Doctoral Students at Graduate Schools or with Third-Party funded Research Projects

Since Graduate Schools or other third-party funded research projects have their own funds for the support of research trips and trips to conferences and congresses, these funds should be given priority when applying for financial support. However, BGHS members whose studies are third-party funded may apply for reimbursement of editing and training costs. In addition, self-organized workshops are financially supported by the BGHS, who also encourages doctoral students in third-party projects to apply for mobility grants, the Johns Hopkins University Exchange Program and career bridging scholarships.

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