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Training Courses

Doctoral researchers may apply for reimbursement of the costs of training courses which are not offered as part of the standard BGHS programmes but which are crucial for the success of the dissertation project. The maximum amount that can be reimbursed is EUR 500. Before putting in claims for reimbursement of such courses, please refer to the coordinator of transferable skills.


Please send your application for reimbursement of costs by email to, giving the following details:

  • Reason and necessity in relation to your dissertation project
  • Written opinion by supervisor
  • Training institution
  • Anticipated costs

Should additional travelling and accommodation costs arise, these can also be reimbursed. In such cases the journey will be treated as a conference trip; therefore please use the form Travel Permit and Travel Expenses Claim Form.

Once the BGHS has confirmed the reimbursement, please send us the following supporting documentation:

For the reimbursement of travelling and accommodation costs we also need the original travel receipts. In such cases please use the claims form Statement of Travel Expenses.

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