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in History and Sociology
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Funding for Workshops

Doctoral researchers have the opportunity to organize their own workshops and conferences on research topics of their own choice.
These events offer a platform for in-depth debate of research topics with other young scholars. At the same time, doctoral researchers can gain first experiences in the organisation of conferences.
The workshops and conferences are financially supported by the BGHS, third party co-funding is, however, explicitly encouraged. A maximum of EUR 2,000 per workshop can be subsidized. Up to six workshops are supported by the BGHS per year.

General Notes

The approved funding may be used exclusively for accommodation and travelling costs (without a daily allowance and cost of meals) as well as the costs of hosting events by the IBZ. The travel expense regulations of NRW apply (rail and air travel 2nd class, no taxi trips).

The organizers of the workshops are in charge of making the necessary reservations for accommodation and of arrivals and departures.

Funding for workshops may be granted subject to the following conditions:

  • You contact the BGHS office in advance in order to obtain relevant advice.
  • The BGHS will be named as the funding source on any advertising for the workshop or conference and its logo will appear on all marketing materials. Using the BGHS logo requires prior permission by the BGHS office.
  • All members of the BGHS may attend the conferences or workshops. The thematic interest to doctoral researchers must be proportionate to the funding requested.

For further information on how to apply for workshops, please see our guidelines on workshops.

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