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Shortcuts 2017

The BGHS Shortcus Programme supports young female researchers during the transition between the end of the master and the beginning of a doctoral programme. In a four month qualification programme between Spetember and December the researchers will be prepared for their doctorate.

Programme 2017 (in German)

Six of nine participants of the BGHS Shortcuts-Programme 2017 (from left to right): Beatrice Adam, Mira Claire Zadrozny, Janina Jaeckel, Tabea Schroer, Susann Pham Thi, Marianne Hösl

Programme to promote young women researchers

The BGHS welcome nine young researchers from all over Germany to its programme Shortcuts in Winter Term 2017/18. These young women researchers have just completed their Master's degrees. In a four-month programme, they will be qualified to prepare for their doctoral studies. Five of the young women researchers also receive a four-month scholarship to prepare their dissertation at BGHS.

Shortcuts comprises workshops that answer fundamental questions about doctoral studies as well as support in writing a doctoral proposal. Further elements of the programme include a colloquium that offers professional support and regular exchange with others young women researchers planning to begin their dissertations.

The programme is a joint collaboration of BGHS, the Faculty of Sociology, and the Department of History of the Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology. Dr. Uschi Baaken, Bielefeld University's Equal Opportunity Officer, supports the efforts made by the BGHS to help women enter the academic world through Shortcuts. The programme has pilot character, since Bielefeld University stresses the importance of equal opportunity. Women in academia need support, since women are still underrepresented at all levels of research careers.

The Shortcuts-Programme will run from September to December 2017.

Participants and their projects

Beatrice Adam:
Dream, desire and the unconscious. Connections of surrealist photography and commercial photography in Paris during the interwar period and the accompanying Images of Femininity.

Marianne Hösl:
Clients of the probationary services in Bavaria in the context of social inequality - explorig the structures, effects and interdependencies between their health and life situations

Janina Jaeckel:
Gender inequalities and the importance of social networks for foreign students in Germany

Charlie Kaufhold:
The reporting about the NSU Trial

Julia Rüdel:
With a little help from my friends" - social capital and the labor market situation of migrants

Mia-Alina Schauf:
Innovation capability of Family Business

Tabea Schroer:
New, old inequality? - Boundaries among students of Grandes Écoles in times of internationalization

Susann Pham Thi:
Vietnam Between Activism and Oppression: Analysing and Developing (New) Forms of Protest in a Post-Socialist Context

Mira Claire Zadrozny:
The Territory of Images. Appropriational Processes in Street Art

Shortcuts 2016

Stefanie Haupt, Rebecca Knecht, Sahra Rausch, Anastasia Remes, Marion Stopfinger, Indra Bock, Sandra Holtgreve, Anne Stöcker, Theres Waldbauer

Shortcuts 2015

Bettina Franke, Teresa Gärtner, Theresa Hornischer, Nicole Najemnik, Lina Peitz, Kerstin Schulte, Sophia Stockmann

Scholarship holders 2014

Ingrid Bettwieser, Dorina Dedgjoni, Katharina Götting, Mirjam Hähnle, Ann-Kristin Klotz, Anna Leyrer

Scholarship holders 2013

Sarah Glücks, Ann-Christin Kolwes, Julia Liebermann, Bakyt Muratbayeva, Melanie Teubner, Mareike Tudor

Shortcuts and Qualifying scholarship holders, 2008-2012

Luise Stein, Katharina Hoß, Jagoda Motowidlo, Anna Skripchenko, Annett Bochmann, Henrique Carvalho, Bartosz Janiszewski, Kristoffer Klammer, Monika Nüchtern, Katrin Rack, Siwei Yang, Nicole Zielke, Anna Demidova, Christian Möller, Julia Schöning, Rena Schwarting, Iris Törmer, Enno Altjes, Fabian Lausen, Jan Hendrik Schulz, Stefan Schulz, Friederike Esche, Stefanie Fehse, Ralf Rapior, Christian Hilgert, Jan Lukassen, Miriam Rosin, Arno Simons, Dave Willmes

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