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Start-up Fellows

To international MA graduates who would like to pursue a doctoral degree in history or sociology, the BGHS awards Start-up scholarships. In addition, there are Shortcuts scholarships for young women researchers from Bielefeld (in cooperation with the participating departments). Moreover, the BGHS has awarded Qualifying scholarships for foreign and German students (who have or have not completed their Masters degree) who wished to start their dissertation research (from 2008 to 2010).

Start-ups Summer Term 2018

Start-up Scholars 2018 (from left): Nicolás Gómez, Mezgebu Mengistie, Olga Olkheft, Sundara Hannah Shirley Jeyakumar Christdoss, Yordanos Estifanos und Moynul Haque. Photo by Thomas Abel/BGHS

Estifanos, Yordanos (Ethiopia) The Political Economy of Transnational Migration: Ethiopian Irregular Migrants.

Gomez, Nicolas (Chile) Transnational Labour Discipline: British management and the workers in the sheep farming industry of Magallanes (Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego late nineteenth and early twentieth century)

Haque, Moynul (Bangladesh) Nonviolent Resistance in Bangladesh

Jeyakumar Christdoss, Sundara Hannah Shirley (India) Socio-economic inequality and infant morbidity in India

Mengistie, Mezgebu (Ethiopia) Ideal Masculinity and Retaliation among the Knife Fighting People of Raya Kobo District, North Wollo Zone of Amhara Region, North Eastern Ethiopia

Olkheft, Olga (Russia) Russian Avant-Garde Art as the art of Russian Revolution: The history of reconception of Russian art of the beginning of the 20th century through the international art exhibitions in 1970-1980

Start-ups Summer Term 2017

Start-up Scholars 2017 (from left): IStart-up Scholars 2017 (von links): Daniele Toro, Maria Dantas, Hafdis Hafsteinsdottir, Kim Dang, Jovana Vukcevic, Daorotiana Rakotondratandra. Photo by Thomas Abel/BGHS

Dantas, Maria (Brazil) Stratification, social inequalities and world society: the argument for a peripheral constitutionalism.

Dang, Kim (Vietnam) Self-governance through the concept of career in Vietnamese workers

Hafsteinsdottir, Hafdis (Iceland) The Politics of the Sporting Body. Recreational Sport in Northern Europe 1950-2000

Rakotondratandra, Daorotiana (Madagascar) Social representations, family involvment and servicewomen's career paths in Madagascar

Toro, Daniele (Italy) Transnational Radical Nationalist Networks between Germany and Italy 1918 - 1933: An Entangled History of "Fascistisation"

Vukcevic, Jovana (Montenegro) The price of memory: Commodifying legacies of unwanted heritage in the Balkans

Start-ups Summer Term 2016

Start-up Scholars 2016 (from left to right): Igor Ciobanu, Sisay Dirisay, Natalia Zakharchenko, Kornel Laszlo, Elena Borisova, Mehran Haji Mohammadian. Photo by Thomas Abel/BGHS

Borisova, Elena St. Petersburg, Russia
Ciobanu, Igor Chisinau, Moldova
Dirirsa, Sisay Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
Haji Mohammadian, Mehran Tehran, Iran
Laszlo, Kornel Kerepes, Hungary
Zakharchenko, Natalia Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

For further information on the Start-up Scholars 2016, and the Start-up programme in general, please see:
BGHS.NEWS: Welcome Day
BGHS.NEWS: Meet the Start-ups
BGHS.NEWS: Start-up Programme 2016 has ended


Start-ups Summer Term 2015

Quentin Fondu, Memory Mphaphuli, Teresa Malice, Mercy Mashingaidze, Sohaib Riaz, Cosmin Minea

Fondu, Quentin Paris, France
Malice, Teresa Bologna, Italy
Mashingaidze, Mercy Harare, Zimbabwe
Minea, Cosmin Bucharest, Romania
Mphaphuli, Memory Johannesburg, South Africa
Riaz, Sohaib Islamabad, Pakistan

For further information and reports please visit the BGHS-website: Start-up Programme the "BGHS.NEWS" blog or the facebook-Site of Bielefeld University.


Start-ups Summer Term 2014

Bencsik, Anna Budapest, Hungary
Käkelä, Heidi Elisabet Auckland, New Zealand
Relly, Eduardo Lajeado, Brasil

Start-Ups Summer Term 2013

Cosciug, Anatolie Cluj, Romania
Kazakov, Gleb Kursk, Russia
Martín Galán, Vanessa Madrid, Spain
Racles, Andreea Bucharest, Romania
Tarkhanova, Oleksandra Dniprodserschynsk, Ukraine

Previous Qualifying scholarship holders (2008-2012)

Luise Stein, Katharina Hoß, Jagoda Motowidlo, Anna Skripchenko, Annett Bochmann, Henrique Carvalho, Bartosz Janiszewski, Kristoffer Klammer, Monika Nüchtern, Katrin Rack, Siwei Yang, Nicole Zielke, Anna Demidova, Christian Möller, Julia Schöning, Rena Schwarting, Iris Törmer, Enno Altjes, Fabian Lausen, Jan Hendrik Schulz, Stefan Schulz, Friederike Esche, Stefanie Fehse, Ralf Rapior, Christian Hilgert, Jan Lukassen, Miriam Rosin, Arno Simons, Dave Willmes

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