Interdisciplinary Colloquium

At the initiative of BGHS members, an Interdisciplinary Colloquium was instituted during Winter Term 2009/2010 to strengthen academic collaboration at the Graduate School and take advantage of its interdisciplinary structure. These monthly colloquia, unlike other courses, are not led by a professor. To enable discussion on research projects in progress in a non-judgmental atmosphere, the colloquium is organised and run by the (post)doctoral researchers themselves.

The colloquium has a set structure: Before each session, a text about the research project to be discussed is distributed. At the colloquium, this text is first commented on by a historian and by a sociologist. The discussion is then opened to all participants.

All doctoral researchers are invited to take part in the colloquium, participation is obligatory for BGHS stipendiaries. Both lectures and discussions are held in English.

Summer Term 2014

24.Apr.2014 Mahshid Mayar K4-129 14:00
15.May.2014 Katharina Hoß K4-129 14:00
12.Jun.2014 X-B2-103 14:00
10.Jul.2014 Inga Laß X-B2-103 14:00

Winter Term 2013/14

14 Nov. 2013 Julia Breittruck K4-129 2PM
28 Nov. 2013 Gleb Kazakov K4-129 2PM
16 Jan. 2014 Sabrina Timmer K4-129 2PM
6 Feb. 2014 Agnieszka Doll, Sune Pedersen K4-129 2PM

Summer Term 2013

18 Apr.2013, 10-12 h Mahshid Mayar Growing Up In A Smaller World: United States in the 1890s
16 May 2013, 10-12 h Marius Meinhof Wahrnehmung und Veralltäglichung globaler Produkte durch junge Konsumenten in der Volksrepublik China
13 June 2013, 10-12 h Klaus Schroeder Feindliche "Bruderarmeen" im Kalten Krieg. Die Bilder des 'Anderen' in Nationaler Volksarmee und Bundeswehr im Vergleich, 1949-1989
11 July 2013, 10-13 h s.t.! Ann Tünde Cserpes Political involvement on multiple levels. A relational approach to the structure of core networks, political action and organizational embeddedness.
11 July 2013, 10-13 h s.t.! Gabriele von Roedern Gatekeepers of honor and arbitrators of the past:State attorneys, dafamation suits and the Nazi past in West Germany, 1957 - 1969

Winter Term 2012/13

24 Oct. Melanie Dejnega R3-148
29 Nov. 2012 Mahshid Mayar R3-148
13 Dec. Rory Tews R3-148
31 Jan. Clemens Eisenmann R3-148

Summer Term 2012

19 April 2012 Kwesi Aikins
31 May 2012 Alexandra Nitz
05 July 2012 Melanie Dejnega

Winter Term 2011/12

27 Oct. 2011 Anna Demidova Turn-taking organization of Internet medical forums
24 Nov. 2011 In Hyo Park Co-existence and / or Co-operation: 'Co-operative Treatment' of Biomedicine and Korean Medicine (KM) in South Korea: Case Study in Busan, South Korea
15 Dec. 2011 Oliver Grote Entstehung und Funktion der dorischen Phylen in frühgriechischer Zeit
26 Jan. 2012 Kwesi Aikins The Democracy of the Others - The Constitution Review Process as Arena for Renegotiating the Roles of Indigenous Authorities

Summer Term 2011

14 April 2011 Li Sun / Felipe Vanderhuck
12 May 2011 Julia Breittruck
09 June 2011 Andrés Cardona
07 July 2011 Oliver Grote

Winter Term 2010/11

30 Sept. 2010 Ulf Ortmann "They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life." Ubiquitous Computing in der Arbeitswelt
28 Oct. 2010 Philip Knäble Inszenierter Glaube - Zum ambivalenten Verhältnis von Tanz und Kirche in Deutschland und Frankreich im 15. und 16. Jahrhundert
25 Nov. 2010 Gleb Albert Repräsentationen und Praktiken des revolutionären Internationalismus in der frühen Sowjetgesellschaft, 1917-1927
20 Jan. 2011 Katharina Pohl "To be good at giving development aid is just as important as to be good at skiing" - On the Role of Development Aid in Constituting Scandinavian Autostereotypes
20 Jan. 2011 Anna-Lisa Müller Creative Cities: Built Places of the Knowledge Society

Summer Term 2010

10 June 2010 Rumin Luo Migration, Integration and Life Chances. An Empirical Study in Urban China
8 July 2010 Caterina Rohde The Transnationalization of Biographies exemplified by Russian Au-Pair Immigrants in Germany
8 July 2010 Thomas Abel Zwischen Momentaufnahme und medialer Inszenierung. Herstellungspraxis und Bildkultur digitaler fotografischer Portraits

Winter Term 2009/10

15 Oct. 2009 Jeannette Prochnow Narratives and Memory of the COMECON Pipeline Construction
12 Nov. 2009 Marie-Christine Heinze The Social Life of Weapons in Yemen
21 Jan. 2010 Thomas Steller Die Bedeutung des Deutschen Hygiene-Museums als Akteur nationaler und internationaler Wissenspopularisierung im Zeitraum 1900-1933
18 Feb. 2010 Devrimsel Deniz Nergiz Adaptation to Cultural Diversity in German Political Parties: An Empirical Study On Politicians with Migration Background
18 Mar. 2010 Tamara Brown Regional Integration: Determining the Next Steps Forward for the Caribbean Common Market Following European Union Integration Theories



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