Visiting Chair in History and Sociology

From 2009 to 2012, the BGHS invited four guest professors from Germany or abroad as Visiting Chair in History and Sociology. The visiting chair enriched the intellectual life of the Graduate School for one or two semesters with lectures, seminars and block courses and individual counselling. Seminars and lectures were on topics at the intersection between history and sociology and thus strengthened the culture of interdisciplinary discourse at the BGHS.

Summer Term 2012: Ludmilla Jordanova

Department of History
King's College London
Room K2.33
London WC2R 2LS
Great Britain

In the Summer Term 2012, Ludmilla Jordanova, Professor in Modern History at the King's College in London, was Visiting Chair at the BGHS. Her research interests cover Cultural History in Early Modern and Modern Europe, portraiture and identity in Britain from the seventeenth century to the present day and history of science and medicine.

She gave the class "History in Practice" in which History as an academic discipline has been discussed. Together with Angelika Epple she answered doctoral researchers' questions on academic careers ("Meet the Speaker"). Finally she gave two lectures, "The Science Museum" at the Institute of Science and Technology Studies (IWT) and "The Nature of Historical Practice". She also offered individual counselling to the doctoral researchers.

Winter Term 2010/11 and Summer Term 2011: Alan Lessoff


Department of History
Illinois State University
Campus Box 4420
Normal, IL 61790-4420

During Winter Term 2010/11 and Summer Term 2011, Alan Lessoff, Professor of History at the State University Illinois, was Visiting Chair in History and Sociology. His research interests focus on the "Gilded Age" in the United States and on comparative urban history.

During the two terms, he held the class "Reform, Progress and the Modern in the United States", which focused on the time to 1898 in the Winter Term and on the 20th century in the Summer Term. Furthermore, he organised the seminar "American Urbanism in Transnational Context" and the workshop "The United States as a Developing Society: Analytical Perspectives" (together with Anna-Lisa Müller). He also offered individual counselling to BGHS doctoral candidates in sociology and history.

Summer Term 2010: Kay Junge

University of Konstanz
Department of Sociology
78457 Konstanz

Kay Junge was Visiting Chair in History and Sociology at the BGHS during Summer Term 2010. He works at the University of Konstanz in the fields of sociological theory and historical sociology.

At the BGHS he led a seminar informed by recent works by Brian Skyrms: "The Evolution of Communication and Social Structures: A Mechanism Based Approach" as well as a block seminar on "Social Differentiation and the Evolution of Society", that focused on Niklas Luhmann's sociological theory. In his series of talks on "Historical Sociology", Kay Junge examined issues ranging from "Neo-Paleolithic religion" to the "Evolution of Finance" and "Communication, Culture, and Institution". He also offered individual counselling to BGHS doctoral researchers in sociology and history and participated in the Interdisciplinary Seminar.

Winter Term 2009/10: Domink Schrage

Dresden University of Technology
Institute of Sociology
Chemnitzer Straße 46a
D-01187 Dresden

During Winter Term 2009/2010 the first Visiting Chair was invited to the Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology. We were pleased to welcome Dominik Schrage from the Institute of Sociology at Dresden University of Technology as a guest professor. His research interests are the transformation of attitudes during the 20th century in light of the mechanisation and commoditisation of the modern "Lebenswelt". His works connect cultural sociological investigations with questions from sociological and historical theory.

During his BGHS sojourn, Dominik Schrage offered a seminar on "Subjectivity and Society" and enhanced the degree programme with a lecture series on "Revolutions in attitude during the 20th century". He also offered individual counselling to BGHS doctoral candidates in sociology and history and participated in the Interdisciplinary Seminar, the Interdisciplinary Colloquium and the Annual Seminar.



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