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The Faculty of Biology offers bachelor and master degree programmes with a science or applied science profile or geared to prospective teachers. The 21 workgroups of the department are involved in innovative research projects and work in interdisciplinary research clusters like the "Center of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC)" or the "Center for Biotechnology (CeBiTec)".


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Scent matters to fur seals
Antarctic fur seals have unique 'scent profile' to recognise their pups

A robot prepared for self-awareness
Biologists at Bielefeld University present expanded software architecture for the walking robot

First steps for Hector the robot stick insect
Scientists at Bielefeld University apply technology inspired by examples in nature

Stem cells from adult nose tissue used to cure Parkinson's disease in rats

Humboldt Research Fellow studies freshwater meiofauna

Bielefeld team wins gold medal at iGEM
Biofuel from CO2 impresses jury

Sperm wars
Evolutionary biologist at Bielefeld University compiles international special issue on sperm competition

From CO2 to Biofuel
Bielefeld University students participate in the iGEM competition

How experience influences human and animal personality
Conference at Bielefeld University’s Center for Interdisciplinary Research

Genetic study shows major impact of climate change on Antarctic fur seals