A recent study by Simon Jetzschke, Norbert Boeddeker and colleagues suggest that humans use similar optimal probabilistic strategies in visual and auditory navigation, integrating landmark information to improve homing precision and balancing homing precision with homing accuracy. Jetzschke S, Fröhlich J, Ernst MO, Boeddeker N. Finding home: Landmark ambiguity in human navigation. Frontiers in Behavioural Neuroscience. 2017;11: 132.

New paper with Norbert Boeddeker, reporting on a cluster of descending neurons in honeybees that are prime candidates not only for the control of flight speed and landing, but also for the basis of a neural 'front end' of the honeybee's visual odometer. Neural basis of forward flight control and landing in honeybees Ibbotson MR, Hung Y-S, Meffin H, Boeddeker N, Srinivasan MV (2017) Scientific Reports 7(1).