Honorary Doctorate
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Honorary Doctorate

The Faculty of Biology honoured the following outstanding scientists with honorary doctorates:

      Prof. Dr. Nicholas B. Davies
Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge UK

Prof. Nicholas B. Davies is one of the founders of behavioural ecology. His research investigates behavioural adaptations due to ecological and social factors. His study on the coevolutionary arms race between the cuckoo and its hosts has become one of the classic examples of coevolution and evolution in action.

      Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wiltschko
Physiology and Ecology of Behaviour, Goethe-University of Frankfurt am Main

Prof. Wolfgang Wiltschko is one of the pioneers of the field of bird navigation. He is known across the whole field of biology to provide the first unequivocal evidence for the use of the earth’s magnetic field by navigating birds.