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Evolutionary Biology and Ecology

The section „Evolutionary Biology and Ecology“ consists of the Departments „Chemical Ecology”, “Evolutionary Biology”, “Experimental and Systems Ecology”, “Animal Ecology” and the “Biological Collection”. The joint main research topic of these groups is the analysis of biotic interactions. Ongoing research projects are for instance the analysis of the role of natural compounds in plant-animal-interactions (Chemical Ecology), sexual selection and speciation in insects (Evolutionary Biology), physiological ecology of plant-interactions, ecosystem fluxes of matter, and vegetation pattern formation processes (Experimental and Systems Ecology), functional ecology, benthic food web and diversity of nematodes (Animal Ecology) and plant-pollinator-interactions (Biological Collection). In the area of academic teaching the section is involved in the Bachelor programs ”Biology” and “Environmental Sciences” as well as in the Master programs “Ecology and Diversity”, “Systems Biology of Brain and Behaviour” and “European Master of Science in Nematology”.

Work Groups

Experimental & Systems Ecology   Wolfram Beyschlag

Evolutionary Biology   Klaus Reinhold

Chemical Ecology   Caroline Müller

Animal Ecology  Walter Traunspurger

Biological Collection   Manfred Kraemer