Research groups

The Faculty of Biology is highly research oriented. Research fields of our research groups cover a variety of innovative biological subjects.

Active Sensing - Jacob Engelmann  
Algae Biotechnology & Bioenergy - Olaf Kruse  
Animal Behaviour - Oliver Krüger  
Animal Ecology - Walter Traunspurger  
Biological Collection - Manfred Kraemer  
Biological Cybernetics - Volker Dürr  
Biology Didactics (Botany & Cell Biology) - Norbert Grotjohann  
Biology Didactics (Zoology & Human Biology) - Matthias Wilde  
Cell Biology - Christian Kaltschmidt  
Cellular and Developmental Biology of Plants - Armin Hallmann  
Chemical Ecology - Caroline Müller  
Cognitive Neurosciences - Christoph Kayser  
Evolutionary Biology - Klaus Reinhold  
Experimental Ecology & Systems Ecology - Wolfram Beyschlag  
Genetics of Prokaryotes - Volker Wendisch  
Genome Research - Bernd Weisshaar  
Neurobiology - Martin Egelhaaf  
Plant Biochemistry and Physiology - Karl-Josef Dietz  
Proteome and Metabolome Research - Karsten Niehaus  
RNA Biology and Molecular Physiology - Dorothee Staiger  
Theoretical Biology - Meike Wittmann