Fakultät für Chemie - Gas Electron Diffraction (GED)
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Gas Electron Diffraction Laboratory


For experimental determination of molecular structures in gas phase we have installed a 'Balzers Eldigraph KD-G2' one of only two still existing ones worldwide. The second one was formerly located in Oslo, Norway, the birthplace of GED, but has been given to the University of Ivanovo, Russia and is to be set up there in the near future.

Currently we are engaged in improving and testing the apparatus. Routine measurements will soon be possible.
At the moment there are limitations concerning the volatility of samples (some mbar at temperatures up to 60°C are necessary), but high temperature nozzles are under construction.
If you are interested in measurements and structure determinations of gaseous or volatile compounds, do not hesitate to contact us.


GED alt

the apparatus in April 2006



the apparatus with new gun, power supply and new recording system (image plates)


GED neu

the apparatus in November 2007


rotating sector

the rotating sector


nozzle system

the nozzle system


detail of nozzle

detail of the nozzle