Diversity as a policy at the university

Challenges and perspectives, practical and theoretical approaches

Conference at Bielefeld University on July 8-9, 2016

The speakers at the conference will contribute to the discourse on the implementation of diversity at universities. The presentations will refer to the current experiences of the universities with diversity, and they will highlight design prospects for the effective establishment of diversity programmes. We will discuss the empirical results of the programmes and practical measures as well as the theoretical problems. Basically, the conference should support the future active role of universities as educational institutions in further clarifying diversity on a normative and conceptual level. Here, one can assume that diversity is broadly accepted.

However, the question of how to go beyond the recognition of diverse identities and belongings and to reduce or eliminate the inequalities deriving from differences remains unclear. We will discuss the various perspectives of diversity and the theoretical and practical challenges faced by university members when implementing diversity concepts. At the same time the conference will provide incentives for the conceptualisation of a diversity strategy at Bielefeld University.

The majority of the presentations are in German (without translation), three lectures will be given in English (without translation).

Download all information about the conference as a PDF file.