Diversity Working Group

From January-July 2016, the Diversity Working Group will explore the necessary prerequisites for conceptualising a diversity policy at Bielefeld University. In several meetings with a group of university members, all experts in various diversity fields, specific questions dealing with the implementation of the diversity idea into the university policy will be discussed. The activities focus on the dimensions specified in the General Equal Treatment Act (Gleichbehandlungsgesetz AGG): race, ethnicity, gender religion, handicap, age and sexual identity. In addition, socio-economical resources, family situation, access to education as well as multilingual competences will be considered. These meetings are part of the concurrent conference preparation activities, which will take place on July 8-9, 2016. All interested persons are warmly invited to attend the conference.

The Diversity Working Group currently consists of the following members (in alphabetical order): Dr. Uschi Baaken (Head of the Equal Opportunities Office), Pia Brocke (Equal Opportunities Office, Public Relations), Dr. Lucyna Darowska (Coordinator of the Diversity Working Group, International Office), Prof. Angelica Epple (Head of the Diversity Working Group, Vice-Rector for International Affairs and Diversity), Dr. Ulrich Körber (Head of the Department II), Dr. Thomas Lüttenberg (Head of the International Office), Dr. Claudia Machold (Faculty of Education), Prof. Frank Neuner (Rectorate Representative for Students with Handicap or Chronic Illness), Nora Oebbecke (Student Research Assistant, International Office), Fee Pauline Schmidt (Human Resources Development Office).

The Diversity Working Group has completed its work according to schedule. The rectorate will soon decide on the advancement of a diversity strategy.