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Research and Teaching


Research & Diversity

Here you can find research projects, participating departments of Bielefeld University as well as current publications of Bielefeld researchers that have diversity as their main theme.

+ Research projects from A - Z

We rely on your support to keep the list of projects up to date. If your project is related to the theme of diversity and is not to be found here please get in contact with us: diversity@uni-bielefeld.de



Biprofessional Cluster 3 - "Diagnostics, Support, and Didactics for Inclusive Schools"


Caring for family members under the conditions of the G-DRG system (in German)


Dissociative disorders and migration, gender differences and the brain, age, movement and cognitive skills (in German)


Ethnic Heterogeneity and the Production of Inequality in Educational Organizations from Early Childhood Onward - Project B1 by SFB 882

Ethnic Heterogeneity and the Production of Inequality

ENTRY Entangled Histories: Asymmetries, Transfers and Identities in Global Perspectives

Ethnicity at University: Processes of Ethnic Demarcation and Relations of Inequality Over the Course of Studies - Project B2 by SFB 882


Further Education & Governance of Lifelong Learning - AG 6 Pedagogics (in German)


Health Services Research and Nursing Science - Working Group 6 by Faculty of Health Sciences

HelGA - Heterogenitätsorientierte Lehre - Gelingensbedingungen und Anforderungen (in German)


Inclusive education / Dealing with heterogeneity (in German)

Inclusive map (in German)


Normative aspects of Public Health (in German)


Perception of heterogeneity in school (in German)

PunktUm - accompanying research (German Language Learning Centre of Bielefeld University) (in German)


Research Unit Transnationalization and Development


Self-determination and gender - Educational quality of gender pedagogic courses for young people in schools (in German)

Social Construction of Heterogeneity Criteria - Project C4 by SFB 882

Special tuition for pupils with German as a second language - accompanying research on the project (in German)


Transnationality, the Distribution of Informal Social Security and Inequalities - ProjectC3 by SFB 882

+ Current publications on the subjects of diversity from A - Z

In order to keep an up to date list of publications by Bielefeld researchers on the subject of diversity we rely on your support.
If you are unable to find your publication related to the theme of diversity here, please get in contact with us:



Brandl, H.; Arslan, E.; Langelahn, E.; Riemer, C. (2013): Mehrsprachig in Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft. Mehrsprachigkeit, Bildungsbeteiligung und Potenziale von Studierenden mit Migrationshintergrund

BMFSFJ (2013): Lebensituationen und Belastungen von Frauen mit Behinderungen und Beeinträchtigungen in Deutschland

BMAS (2013): Lebensituation und Belastung von Männern mit Behinderungen und Beeinträchtigungen in Deutschland - Haushaltsbefragung


Fauser, M.; Reisenauer E. (2013): Diversität und Dynamik transnationaler persönlicher Beziehungen türkischer MigrantInnen in Deutschland. In: Pusch B, ed. Transnationale Migration am Beispiel Deutschland und Türkei. Wiesbaden: Springer VS: 171-185.


Lütje-Klose, B.; Löser, J. (2013): Diversität aus der Perspektive einer inklusiven Pädagogik. In: Hauenschild K, Robak S, Sievers I, eds. Diversity Education. Zugänge - Perspektiven - Beispiele. Frankfurt: Brandes & Apsel: 134-147.


Miller, S. (2013): Umgang mit Heterogenität. In: Andresen S, Hunner-Kreisel C, Fries S, eds. Erziehung. Stuttgart und Weimar: Metzler: 296-303.


Wild, E.; Esdar, W. (2014): Eine heterogenitätsorientierte Lehr-/ und Lernkultur für eine Hochschule der Zukunft


Zick, A.; Küpper, B. (2010): Vorurteile und Toleranz von Vielfalt - von den Fallen alltäglicher Wahrnehmung. In: van Keuk E, Ghaderi C, Joksimovic L, David DM, eds. Diversity - transkulturelle Kompetenz in klinischen und sozialen Handlungsfeldern. Stuttgart: Kohlhammer: 54-65.


Teaching & Diversity

In teaching situations, teachers and students meet, who as a consequence of heterogeneous backgrounds (e.g. gender, ethnicity, health, (non)-academic household, migrant background etc.) interact with different expectations and circumstances.


Information and Advice for Researchers & Academic Teaching Staff

+ Family Service

To actively develop family friendly structures, Bielefeld University has developed its advisory service for families into a Family Service centre.

+ Representative Body for Disabled Employees

The Representative Body for Disabled Employees represents the interests of disabled staff at Bielefeld University.

+ International Portal

The international character of Bielefeld University is supported through strategies, measures and services to promote internationality in study, teaching and research. Further information on current projects and dates can be found here.