Our Approach to Diversity

Our Policy

Step 1: Strategy Paper

The strategy paper "Diversität in der Gesellschaft und der Umgang mit Diversität an der Universität Bielefeld" (Diversity in Society and Dealing with Diversity at Bielefeld University) sets out a framework for the approach to establish diversity as an issue that concerns the whole organisation and its units.

Step 2: Diversity Policy

In a university-wide consultation process to be conducted in the period from 2018 to 2020, university members and members of all science, technology, and administration status groups, as well as student representatives, will negotiate a diversity policy for the entire institution. This policy operationalises Bielefeld University's institutional claim to a positive approach to diversity in four fields of action. The diversity policy clarifies the institution's stance, establishes procedures and, where necessary, implements concrete measures to achieve common goals.

Field of Action I: Critical Reflection

We want to address and discuss the handling of difference and diversity across the university, especially in research and teaching. This includes perspectives on historical developments and different societies.

Field of Action II: Highlighting Positive Interaction

As an organisation, the university is committed to a positive approach to diversity. We want to clearly state this attitude both internally and externally. At different levels, we want to promote the understanding of diversity as strength, heterogeneity as potential and difference as a gain for our institution.

Field of Action III: Take Targeted Measures

Where support is needed in breaking down barriers, we develop and offer individual and group-specific measures to meet different needs and to bring about equal opportunities as much as possible.

Field of Action IV: Promote Moral Courage, Reduce Disadvantage

We emphasise moral courage as a core value. We want to promote moral courage in order to prevent and combat discrimination and disadvantage.

Step III: Implementation

By the end of 2020, Bielefeld University aims to conclude the coordination process on diversity policy and its resolution. The next steps are to realise the diversity policy in a sustainable and continuous way as well as evaluating the outcomes of the implementation.


Dr. Phoebe Stella Holdgrün
Diversity policy project manager -
diversity policy
Office: T 7-210
Tel.: (0521) 106-3332
E-Mail: diversitaet@uni-bielefeld.de