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Information for data producers

The services offered to data producers can be described in three steps. A higher step contains the preceding ones. You can choose the service step yourself. In addition, you have the flexibility to adapt the steps any time to changed conditions.

 Services für Datengeber

Step 1: Study catalogue

The study catalogue offers an overview about studies in the field of organizational research. We include basic information about your study in this catalogue, so that other scientists can refer to it. Condition for the inclusion in the study catalogue is, that the study is related to organizations.

Step 2: Data archiving

Beside the information about the contents and the methodical features of your studies (metadata) the DSZ-BO archives data sets as well as transcripts (microdata) and assigns persistent identificators (DOI) by the registration of the data at da|ra. With the registration of the data, we guarantee a lasting availability and citability of your research data.

Step 3: Data sharing

The DSZ-BO offers the possibility for scientists to make their quantitative and qualitative studies in the field of organizational research available for other researchers for the purpose of secondary analysis. The DSZ-BO offers to support the data processing, documentation and anonymization of your data that is necessary to ensure its usability for secondary analysis.

To get further information on the data preparation procedure at the DSZ-BO, have a look at our handout. | PDF


Data protection

The DSZ-BO is a facility of the Bielefeld University and is subject to the legal regulations for data protection of the German state North Rhine-Westphalia, the DSG NRW. The administrative data protection officer is the data protection officer of Bielefeld University, Mrs. Ines Meyer. To get more information about the privacy practices at the DSZ-BO, have a look at our handout | PDF


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