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There is a huge number of business and organizational data which are not used any more, as soon as the project was concluded. The central archiving of research data and their supply for secondary analyses corresponds to the conditions of funders and opens new chances for pushing forward the scientific progress.

Although many primary researchers support the provision of a lasting access to their data, this often fails because of the amount of work that is necessary for data documentation and processing. The DSZ-BO is an infrastructure facility with the capacity to lower the effort of data preparation for producers.

The DSZ-BO receives support from an academic advisory council.

A PDF presentation about the DSZ-BO can be found here, December 2010.



The DSZ-BO - as opposed to other data service centers - exclusively archives

studies and materials which are related to organizations.

This concerns all data from and about organizations, such as associations, authorities, institutions, companies, enterprises and others. The concept of organization is defined very broadly.

Beyond this no restrictions are made concerning the archiving of business and organizational data. Thus the archiving includes:

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