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Projects within the framework of "Towards a new culture of studying and teaching" are coordinated by the staff of Lehren & Lernen [Teaching and learning].

Professional training for young researchers

"Research-Oriented Teaching" offers professional training for researchers who are interested in developing novel concepts for their teaching. In our workshops, they reflect on their own disciplinary competencies as researchers and professionals, and they look back over their previous academic careers. This helps to identify research-oriented teaching and learning goals, study activities, and forms of examination while developing their own teaching concepts. The courses contain an attendance phase and a practice phase in which the young academics try out their ideas and evaluate them critically. They also have the opportunity to discuss teaching experiences in a moderated exchange between colleagues. These courses are rewarded with credit points for the certificate of teaching competence issued by Bielefeld University.

Taking the experience with disciplinary practices as the starting point for the design of disciplinary courses is a central element in the established professional training Forschen - Schreiben - Lehren [Teaching how to write at the university]. To meet the requirements of young researchers who teach undergraduate courses in disciplines such as computer science or biology, this idea will now also be applied to other core research practices such as experimenting, computing statistics, or programming.

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