The Material World: Systems and Structures

In this strategic research area Bielefeld University has carved itself a prominent niche nationally and internationally with a focused profile at the intersection of physics, chemistry, biology, and bioinformatics. Current research focuses range from nanolayers and single-molecule processes through to bacterial, plant, and animal cells and even cosmology and particle astrophysics. They are driven by interdisciplinary collaboration, in part located at the Centre for Biotechnology (CeBiTec) and the Bielefeld Institute of Nanoscience (BINAS). In addition to projects in basic research this strategic research area also comprises high-level industrial collaboration, e.g. with E.ON, Evonik Industries, ZEISS, and Siemens.

Ranking according to DFG Funding Atlas 2015

Scientific Discipline

4th in the Natural Sciences (relative to staff size)

Research Field (Review Board)

  • 6th in Zoology (absolute)