Bielefeld School for Historical Research

The School for Historical Research is home to more than 100 young and experienced scholars with different qualifications who are working on a whole range of individual and collaborative research projects. It is also participating in the Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology. The School for Historical Research provides an exchange platform for theory-oriented and interdisciplinary historical research. It coordinates academic activities, supports research initiatives and PhD research training, and encourages international exchange. Cooperation with archives, museums and scholars in the region as well as student exhibition projects (History as Profession, Art History) are designed to integrate general skills, key competencies, and career orientations into academic education.

The Bielefeld School has a national and international reputation for theory-driven interdisciplinary, and innovative historical research. This profile is reinforced by a unique tradition of regular colloquia. With a total of nine research colloquia each week covering all the different epochs and thematic fields, the Bielefeld School offers a lively forum for presenting and discussing new developments in historical research. Distinguished historians from all over Germany and abroad contribute as guest lecturers. This provides a challenging and inspiring research environment especially for Master- and PhD-students.