new book: eHealth in Deutschland; editors: Florian Fischer und Alexander Krämer

Department of Public Health Medicine

Major research areas

Burden of Disease Studies: general burden of illness, climate change and violence
The department is participating in several projects aiming at quantifying the health status of different populations... more

(Refugee) Migration and Health
Research activities are, among others, focussing on the group of migrants, in particular refugees... more

Infectious Disease Epidemiology: Modern Surveillance, Methods and Modeling
Over the years, a Department’s core research theme have been infectious diseases and epidemiological methods (surveillance, modeling) in this context... more 

Megacities and health challenges: urbanization, health and global environmental change
The department has been involved in conducting research on multifaceted challenges and threats posed by the unplanned and largely ungoverned megacities to human health and well-being... more

Health challenges in the university setting: students’ health, international comparisons and interventions, life course research of adolescents’ health
Due to internationalization of higher education, the university setting poses various health challenges to its internationally diverse population. Since its establishment, the department has shown longstanding commitment to work in this crucial area... more

Health in business settings: computer-aided health consultation and health Monitoring
During the last years, the department is investigating the role of computer-aided (internet based) health consultation especially for employees. Within the framework of health management in business settings, there is need for efficient instruments for health monitoring of the work force... more



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