Chronic diseases, old age and care dependency

In many countries, chronic diseases are the predominant health problem and will increase in the future. They affect people in all phases of life, but especially in old age. Various impairments go hand-in-hand with complex health care needs and an ever-increasing utilization of the health care system. This becomes most evident in the later stages of disease, when multi-morbidity, permanent functional limitations and need for long-term care become more prevalent.

One of the greatest challenges has been adapting the health system to address these needs. However, systematic research is needed. In particular, data is lacking on patient’s views on the consequences of chronic illness. Moreover, research is needed on how to promote health and well-being for people with chronic diseases and long-term care conditions.

The aim of this research focus is to fill in these research gaps. The information gained will then be used to further develop concepts of patient-oriented care, patient-participation and self-determination even in the face of health impairments.


Completed projects

Selected Publications

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