Studying With a Disability

Information for Students With a Disability or Chronic Illness

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Bielefeld University's guiding principle and mission of transcending boundaries is not just reflected in interdisciplinary research and teaching but also in the everyday culture in which students engage in their studies:

Bielefeld University is committed to providing a supportive environment that grant students with a disability or chronic illness the highest level of personal independence in their studies.The design of the buildings on campus already offers very good preconditions, and care is being taken to ensure that access remains barrier-free during the current modernization of the main university building.

The university possesses a broad range of counselling, support, and service provisions. Measures to improve conditions for studying are being further developed all the time. Naturally, the university complies with all legal framing conditions (such as the regulations on for compensation of disadvantage when completing course units and examinations or the appointment of a representative for students with special needs).

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H1 - Studying for Disabled Persons - Barrier-Free Until Your Degree


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