Accessibility and Access to Buildings

Access through the main entrance
Due to the first construction phase the Main Entrance to the Main Building of the university was closed. The side entrance C/D is now the new (temporary) main entrance "Haupteingang (interim)". Further Information: Building Portal.

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Access through side entrances
Further wheelchair-accessible entrances are marked on the map of the main building. However, for security reasons, all side entrances are locked weekdays from 22.00 onwards and throughout the weekends. Persons whose mobility is so restricted that they are unable to enter or leave the university by themselves throughout the day may, until further notice, apply to the disabilities representative (or, in exceptional cases, to the security staff - but 24 hours in advance) to be admitted through or once more escorted out of a given university side entrance.

Automated doors and lifts
In recent years, many of the doors within the university that are difficult to open have been converted (up to the third floor). It is now possible to press large-sized switches and open most (important) doors automatically. Some doors have motion sensors. These are marked on the map. In addition to the aforementioned lifts, the lifts in areas UU and DD are wheelchair-accessible. All lift controls both inside and outside the lifts have Braille lettering. Wheelchair-accessible lifts emit a beeping sound when their doors open.

The Type of elevatorDoor widthKeypad height insideKeypad height outside
Handicapped accessible ca. 140 cm ca. 100 cm horizontal 105 cm (1 button)
wide/large ca. 140 cm ca. 100 - 140 cm vertical ca. 137 - 143, 5 cm (2 buttons)
narrow/small ca. 80 cm ca. 100 - 140 cm vertical ca. 137 - 143,5 cm (2 buttons)

Barrier-free access to Building X (including the university canteen and areas of the library)
A ramp at the entrance to Building X provides barrier-free access. From the underground car park a lift goes directly into the building.


Accessibility with Car
Students at Bielefeld University with impaired mobility may use disabled parking spaces right next to the main university building.
More Information
The necessary access authorization (season parking card) can be obtained free of charge upon presentation of an appropriate disabled person's pass (German passes are marked with a "G" or "aG" signifying impaired mobility) to Frau Seeliger at Department FM (Dezernat FM) of Bielefeld University.:

->Frau Seeliger
(formerly Frau Knüppel)
Raum T8-238
Telefon: (0521) 106-3126

Special parking spaces for visitors
There is also signposted car parking for visitors with disabilities, one space in each of the car parks 1 and 2, directly on the right of each entrance. In addition, there are a further eight parking spaces in the underground car park of Building X as well as five parking spaces in the underground car park at CITEC. A lift located between car parks 2 and 3 gives access to the tram stop and to the barrier-free entrance of the main university building. Due to the modernisation of the main university building it is necessary to use the lift to gain access via the bridge. Parking places near to the University buildings are available then to all those with an appropriate disabled person?s pass. Free parking tickets can be obtained from the above mentioned office. Furthermore, parking spaces are also available in the underground car park of Building X.


Accessibility with local public transport semester ticket
The semester ticket initiated by the AStA (student union) (also including the NRW semester ticket since the winter semester 2008/09) is valid for seven months and grants the bearer free travel on buses, trams, and local trains throughout NRW. A timetable listing all free travel connections is available at the Infopunkt, the Studierendensekretariat [Student Office], the Student Advising and Counselling (ZSB-Info), moBiel, the AStA, and the homepage of Bielefeld University's Verkehrsgruppe.

More Information
Students who meet the requirements of Articles 145 and 146 SGB IX (German social insurance code covering rehabilitation and the disabled) have to pay for their semester ticket in advance but can apply for a refund of the OWL semester ticket part of their semester fee. Applications have to be submitted in full before the end of the semester concerned. They must be accompanied by the following documents:
  • Copy of the German disabled person's pass with the one side printed in orange and marked with a "G"
  • a Semesterbescheinigung [semester enrolment certificate] for the semester in question

Disabled students who do not meet the requirements of Articles 145 and 146 SGB IX may apply for a refund of the NRW semester ticket part of their semester fee - like all other students - according to the Regelungen der Ordnung zum Erlass des Mobilitätsbeitrages [regulations on the remission of the mobility contribution].
The corresponding application forms can be obtained from the Asta-Sozialreferat [Student Union Office].

->Student Union Office
Room: L 4-166
Telephone: +49 (521) 106-3426
AStA Office Hours (in German)
Forms (in Germans)

Quiet Rooms for Students With a Disability or Chronic Illness

Here you can find the overview plan of all special quite rooms.

The Wheelchair-Accessible WCs

University Main Building:
C 0-124 Men's Room
D 0-129 Ladies' Room
P 01-212/214 Ladies' Room
P 01-222/224 Herrentoilette
P 01-443 Ladies' /Men's Room
P 1-223 Ladies' /Men's Room
T 0-155 Ladies' /Men's Room
T 0-157/159 Ladies' Room
U 0-119 Ladies' /Men's Room
U 2-123 Men's Room
V 2-129 Ladies' Room

Building X:
X-A02-112 Ladies' /Men's Room
X-A03-112 Ladies' /Men's Room
X-A04-112 Ladies' /Men's Room
X-C02-104 Ladies' /Men's Room
X-C03-104 Ladies' /Men's Room
X-C04-104 Ladies' /Men's Room
X-E00-110 Ladies' /Men's Room
X-E01-115 Ladies' /Men's Room
X-F00-270 Ladies' /Men's Room
X-F00-109 Ladies' /Men's Room
X-F01-201 Ladies' /Men's Room