Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Conflict and Violence
Bielefeld University

Information for Visiting Scholars and Students

The Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Conflict and Violence (IKG) is a renowned institution researching ethnic and cultural conflict, right-wing extremism, and violence.

At IKG we welcome visiting academics, postgraduates, and undergraduates.

Spending time at IKG offers the opportunity to gain practical insights into empirical conflict and violence research. We strive to involve all our visitors in a wide range of research activities and communication structures.

Internships provide a chance to experience the everyday life of a university institute, and we expect our interns to be willing and able to participate actively.

Please note that there are certain preconditions associated with a study visit:

We will discuss the individual details of your contribution with you. The duration of an internship is normally between a couple of weeks and several months, with working hours corresponding to full-time employment, but the details can be arranged flexibly to accommodate the Institute's capacity, examination schedules, and other considerations.

Accepting guests is a matter for the staff of the specific project to decide, in consultation with Institute management.

If we are currently offering any intern placements, you will find these here. Otherwise please get in touch directly with the member(s) of IKG responsible for the project. Our placements officer, Kurt Salentin, may be able to assist with organizational matters. Please note that Mr. Salentin cannot actively arrange internships or visits.

Your application should provide information on