ZuGleich - Zugehörigkeit & (Un)Gleichwertigkeit [Belonging and Egality]

Short description

ZuGleich is the succeeding project to the surveys of Group Focused Enmity. The pilot study examines the attitudes, opinions, feelings and beliefs of German citizens about a variety of groups which are in danger of being discriminated against. The project ZuGleich focuses on the empirical assessment of including and excluding identities and the measurement of egality between groups in a heterogeneous society (Germany). It is aimed to capture the pure acceptance as well as the (positive) recognition of different (group)-identities in the form of a representative survey.  For this purpose, next to a forward projection of the project of Group Focused Enmity, new ways of substantiation and rationals of (not)belongings and (non)egality are aimed at.


Prof. Dr. Andreas Zick


MA Soz. Madlen Preuß

Niklaas Bause


Sozialwissenschaftliches Umfragezentrum (SUZ), Duisburg [in German]
Prof. Dr. Frank Faulbaum
Dipl.-Soz. Marc Danullis

Funded by

Stiftung Mercator.