Democratic Cultures in Sports Clubs

Short description

Sports Clubs not only act as places for sporting activities but also provide various           opportunities for participation, integration as well as belonging and can therefore strengthen    democracy and social cohesion of a society. However, club cultures can also involve conformity, peer pressure and exclusion. Especially, if club members, are rather homogen regarding socio-structural factors. The research project analyses in what way the connection between homogenization, social cohesion and conformity affects the togetherness in sports clubs and whether excluding and discriminating effects are observable. While doing so the study focuses on the question of democratic solutions to these challenges. Primary goal of the study is to generate scientific insight, which can help  foster discussions and dialogues about democratic cultures in sports clubs on different levels of federal states, communes and locally.


 MA Soz. Madlen Preuß

 Dipl.-Soz. Denis van de Wetering



 Leipzig University, Mag.- Sportwiss. Hannes Delto

  Universität Leipzig, Institut für Sportpsychologie und Sportpädagogik [in German]

Final Report

Abschlussbericht [in German]