About the Center for Mathematical Economics

The Center for Mathematical Economics (German: Institut für Mathematische Wirtschaftsforschung, IMW) is a hub for innovative, interdisciplinary research in the social sciences as far as they admit mathematical formalization.

In particular, the Center is one of the leading European research centers in the field of (mathematical) economic theory; the focus of all our activities is the organization and development of new research projects and ideas. We are convinced that mathematical methods are useful in all social sciences and therefore foster interdisciplinary research approaches in these areas, as our collaborations with linguistics, sociology and philosophy show.

Examples of our activities include successful summer schools for PhD students and our participation in international scientific networks such as the DAAD network From Extreme Matter to Financial Markets. Furthermore, we are running a Visiting Professor program, which allows us to host leading researchers at our Center.

Our strong position in research is also underlined by the publication of two scientific journals at our Center: the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control and Mathematics and Financial Economics. In addition, our researchers are represented on many editorial boards.

We consider teaching to be a fundamental and integral aspect of successful research. For this reason, we have developed a Master Program in Quantitative Economics, which is the foundation for the successful Graduate School BiGSEM. In addition, we have developed and support the Master Program Mathematical Economics, which provides, among other things, a strong education in Mathematical Finance.