Information for Visiting Scholars at Bielefeld University

The internationale Begegnungszentrum der Wissenschaft IBZ (international guest house)

das IBZ

Bielefeld University's Internationales Begegnungszentrum der Wissenschaft IBZ [international guest house] is a specially renovated typical Westphalian farmhouse located at the foot of the Teutoburg Forest. Since 1982, it has served as a guest house for visiting foreign scholars. With its attractive location right next to the University campus and excellent access to public transport to and from, for example, the city centre, it provides ideal framing conditions for a pleasant stay in Bielefeld for visiting scholars from throughout the world.

There are 21 guest apartments that are primarily reserved for scholars visiting Bielefeld University along with their families. When space is available, the guest house is also available for guests at other University institutions.

The IBZ has one- and two-room apartments and one four-room apartment. All are fully furnished and equipped with a television as well as telephone and Internet connections. The IBZ provides bed linen and towels. Washing machines and dryers are also available at a small charge.

Address of the IBZ:
Morgenbreede 35
33615 Bielefeld