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Festival of Aesthetics

The science event was concerned with the phenomenon of “Elegance“ on April 29th and 30th. The elegance of scientific evidence or an “elegant solution”, the elegance of smooth motion, as well as the elegance of product design and fashion were covered.  In all cases, “elegance” stands for highest quality, perfection and refinement. A children’s programme was offered parallel to the lectures and “musical snacks” for the breaks. For the first time the “Festival of Aesthetics” was organized in cooperation with the Kunsthalle Bielefeld [Art Exhibition Hall Bielefeld], the event was staged in the auditory of the Kunsthalle. Amongst the great number of renowned lectures were philosopher and Leibniz Award winner Prof. Dr. Martin Carrier, evolutionary biologist and beauty-expert Dr. Bernhard Fink of the University of Göttingen, film scholar Dr. Eckhard Pabst  of Kiel University as well as Kunsthalle’s former director Dr. Thomas Kellein who referred to the current exhibition of the Kunsthalle. Guests included Gregor Zölling of the Tanztheater Bielefeld [Dance-theatre Bielefeld] and [Germany’s Next] Topmodel [Participant] Vanessa Hegelmaier, who actually studies Math as is known only by few.

An event of the Centre for Aesthetics in coperation with the Kunsthalle Bielefeld, kindly supported by the Westfälisch-Lippischen Universitätsgesellschaft [University Society of Westphalia-Lippe] and the Verein zur Förderung von Kunst und Kultur an der Universität Bielefeld e.V. [Registered Society for the Support of Art and Culture at Bielefeld University]. Entrance to the Festival of Aesthetics is free, no reservation required