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On Display

Art has found its way into Bielefeld University. A series of large-sized black-and-white photographs generate a unique atmosphere in the university hall. They portray everyday life at the university. The unconventional pictures have been taken by the photographer Veit Mette, a former student of the university. Eighty photographs taken on behalf of the Centre for Aesthetics are on display in corridors A3/B3 and K3. The respective bilingual volume "Ebene Null - Level 0" is available at the alumni association (in German).

About ten exhibitions are presented annually in the roomy and quiet exhibition space (German flyer) of the University Library (Level C1). They are related to the Bielefeld University's teaching and research programme or initiated by university institutions. Prospective exhibitors can contact the Centre for Aesthetics which coordinates exhibitions in co-operation with the University Library. Curators can find information here (in German).

Additionally, we have developed photographies resulting from the competition "UniZoom - Architecture in change". The prints are being displayed in the hallways of the department of facility management.

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research ZiF hosts the ZiF-Art programme. Contemporary art, primarily by local artists, is on display in the interior and exterior exhibition space. The exhibitions are usually opened by vernissages.

At the Bielefeld University's Pädagogisches Museum [Pedagogical Museum] (in German), historical school desks and education props, as well as teaching - and study materials provide a delightful insight into single-classed primary schools. They existed in every small village of Westphalia and Lippe in the Imperial Era around 1900. It is open for anyone who makes an appointment in advance.

Artworks by students of  Art and Music Pedagogic (in German) created for a class or as their final coursework are constantly on display  in the Faculty of Lingusitics and Literary Studies (level T0).