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Every semester ends with the "UniVideoMagazin" where iconic short films of the seminar "Vorsicht Dreharbeiten" ["Attention Film Shooting"] of the Medienpädagogische Labor MPL (in German) are presented on the last day of term-time. It takes place in the CinemaxX.

The charming-ironical feature film "Die Bielefeld Verschwörung" ["The Bielefeld Conspiracy"] created a nationwide sensation. More than 200 students were involved in the making. The movie was a collaboration of Fabio Magnifico (MPL), Dr. Thomas Walden (Faculty of Educational Science) and Alex Böke (B2Cam company). It premiered on July 2nd 2010. Thomas Walden, who wrote the screenplay, additionally issued a book of the same title (Die Bielefeld Verschwörung. Der Roman zum Film. Pendragon Verlag, Bielefeld 2010). Moreover, a comic book containing cartoons by EMBE was published (Die Bielefeld Verschwörung. Der Comic. Pendragon Verlag, Bielefeld 2010). The movie soon became common talk in Bielefeld and has by now gained iconic status.

Anybody interested in film and attempting to create a movie for the first time can find respective classes among the cultural seminars. Equipment and professional advice are available in the Centre for Media Services SCM's Media-Laboratory. Students and teaching staff have the opportunity to produce videos and other digital multimedia products for research-, teaching- and study purposes.

The Visualization Laboratory of the Research Centre for Mathematical Modelling (FSPM)  provides consultation for and execution of computer-based visualization tasks. Finally, the Faculty of Linguistics and Literary Studies' Media Library holds a rich selection of texts and movies in several languages that cover a variety of topics. Students can also work with video and audio material and get individual consultation.

The Campus-Radio Hertz 87,9 (in German) is a radio programme by students for students as well as for any other interested citizen. The station presents the latest news about research, academic teaching and university policies. Not left out are cultural events and current issues of student life.

Recommendable for cineastes is the programme of "Campus-Film" (in German): recent movie highlights are usually shown Monday nights at 7.30 pm during term-time. The student-friendly price is 1,50 Euro, doors open at 7 pm. The programme is organized by Campus-Film, Bielefeld.