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Every fall Bielefeld University holds the Lesenacht [Readings night]. Members of the academic staff read their favourite books and discuss them with the audience. The event takes place in the University Library (Entrance Level C1). It provides parallel readings at different stations and a special guest for the final reading.

The "Lektüre & Lektionen" ["Readings & Lessons"] programme is a co-operation of the Faculty of Linguistics and Literary Studies, the Oberstufenkolleg [High School College] and the Centre for Aesthetics. Once or twice a year well-known authors are invited to read at the Oberstufenkolleg Bielefeld. Additional readings take place in the course of the "Schreibwerkstatt" ["Writing Workshop"] and as a part of classes of the Faculty of Linguistics and Literary Studies as well as in co-operation with the Literarische Gesellschaft OWL [Literary Society OWL].

The literary journal "Drosophila" has been published since summer term 1996. It is released every or every other semester and is supported by the Centre for Aesthetics. Between 150 and 200 copies are printed. The journal publishes literary works of students. Characteristic is its internationality. Texts by international students are specifically chosen and published as well as the respective translations. Anybody who is interested can contact the editorial staff by e-mail: drosophila@uni-bielefeld.de.