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Night of the Sounds

A very special event of experimental character in the University of Bielefeld: students, staff and guest artists transform the building into a musical artwork of sound by the means of music, sound and language. The architecture is performed in diverse ways by vanguard and experimental acts. Where more or less “matter-of-fact” science is taught during the day, “peculiar” characters are walking abroad now. Whether singing in the canteen kitchen, sound improvisation or new melodies in the swimming pool - the university turns into a musical experiment for one night. The so-called “red line” guides the audience crisscross the university building, even into the most remote corners.


Foto: Andrea Nehring

The Night of Sounds 2013 was a great success and we want to thank all our helpers and university staff for their good cooperation and all musicians, dancers and experimentalists for their artistic performance!

The newspapaer "Neue Westfälische" even honoured our work with the

Star of the week (NW, 19th of July) - Thank you for that!


The next Night of Sounds will take place on July 11th 2014.