Centre for Aesthetics
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The Centre for Aesthetics offers a range of artistic and cultural services and the opportunity to carry out one's own artistic projects. Numerous concerts, exhibitions, readings, and other events are organized regularly. Academic staff and students along with technical and administrative staff participate actively in major cultural events such as the Nacht der Klänge [Night of sound], the Lesenacht [Readings night], the Uni-Theatertagen [University theatre days], and the Ästhetik-Festival [Festival of aesthetics].

The Centre for Aesthetics is also the central contact address for the traditional music groups with their highly popular concerts and for the very active theatre groups. The University also has much to offer in the fields of literature, painting, film and media, architecture, and Art & Science. Anybody who wants to take part should come to the Centre for Aesthetics. News and events can be found in the Kulturkalender [cultural calendar] and the Newsletter. You can subscribe to both of these free of charge at the Centre for Aesthetics.