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Painting Loans for Office Spaces

The Centre of Aesthetics has a deal with the Kunstverein Bielefeld [arts society Bielefeld] (in German) and the public library of Bielefeld  (in German) in order to enable university staff to lend paintings for their offices with special conditions, especially for long-term loans of half a year or a year. The Artothek (in German) of the Kunstverein Bielefeld is located in the public library and includes about 750 originals: photographs, drawings and 20th and 21st century graphic prints. If you are interested you can pick paintings directly in the Artothek and borrow them for a small fee. Contact: Margarethe Neumann, Tel.: 0521 / 51-2468, E- Mail: stadtbibliothek.information@bielefeld.de.