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Support for Your Project

The Centre of Aesthetics supports cultural projects that are initiated and organized by faculties or institutions of Bielefeld University, faculty members or guest projects (in cooperation with Bielefeld University). We willingly provide advice concerning premises, organization and procedures.

We also incorporate public cultural events of Bielefeld University or cooperation partners into our public relations work according to prior agreement. Your event will then be published for free in the printed Kulturkalender [Cultural Calendar] (in German) (print run ca. 12.000), the Kultur-Newsletter [cultural newsletter]  (about 900 subscriptions), the online current events calendar of Bielefeld University (in German) and the online current events calendar at the Kulturkurier [cultural courier] (in German). Additionally, we pass the announcements on to the Bielefeld city magazines and to Bielefeld University’s press office if desired.

The printed Kulturkalender [cultural calendar] of Bielefeld University is issued twice each semester with a print run of ca. 12.000 copies. People who organize a cultural event at Bielefeld University or in cooperation with it during term time can notify the Centre of Aesthetics. The public event may be of any artistic field: music, fine arts, theatre & dance, art & science, literature, film & media or architecture. Please pay attention to the dates for the editorial deadlines that are regularly published in the newsletter.

In addition to organizational advice and support in the field of public relations financial support for university related cultural projects can be applied for at the Centre for Aesthetics. Usually it is deficit financing i.e. the applicant cannot assume that the Centre of Aesthetics will fully finance his project. The person who developed the scientific or formal conceptualization respectively is the applicant. Please use our application form that can be printed out as either a PDF-document (in German) or as a word-document,(in German). The completed form can be send via email to aesthetisches-zentrum@uni-bielefeld.de